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Rubber Track Liquidation


  • Several Chinese source rubber tracks
  • One 36" wide Taeryuk track for Case Quad
  • We seek a job lot sale to a dealer
  • Download liquidation inventory for details

Contractors Service Company was the Western US distributor for Taeryuk of Korea, which has been bought out by Camoplast of Canada. Camoplast, already strong in agriculture (Challenger, Deere), snow, and tundra, has with Taeryuk created a formidable, full capability for the expanding world market for rubber track.

Camoplast bought CSC's Taeryuk inventory, now available from Pape Machinery's warehouses in Eugene, Oregon, and Sacramento, California.

CSC was the first company to register the domain rubbertrack.com on the Internet. We sold the domain in 2009 as our president prepared to retire.


Rubber track at our Eugene warehouse, ready to ship to Northwestern customers.