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About CSC Parts

Ted Brown is really retiring! We just need to help him finish liquidating.

Final Liquidation Sale: P&H Parts, Manuals, & More

What do we have for sale?
our complete liquidation inventory (Excel files).

After serving the heavy equipment industry with quality new and used parts since 1948, CSC sold our excavator/final drive division to H & R Parts several years back.

Since then, we've liquidated most of our inventory so owner Ted Brown can retire!

Learn more about CSC's History & People

Takeshi Tsukamoto visits CSC in Riverside several years back. From front to back: Dave Bonine, Cynthia Beltran, Ted Brown, Takeshi Tsukamoto, Danny Graham, Marc Bien and Sue Murawski.

Our former headquarters in Riverside, California is now home to H&R Parts West, who purchased our excavator parts business.